Writing a Good Story is Like Building a House

building a house

A Critique On Your Story Gives You Valuable Feedback

Just like building a good house, writing a good story that gets attention and sells requires a solid foundation. No one builds a house alone. No one should write a story and send it out to the public alone. You need a good, solid support and the right tools to do the job. You’ve done the first part already. You thought of an idea, you planned it out, and you got it down on paper. You have given birth, and your story is your baby. A brand new baby that you have to keep alive. Just look at him, all cute and smelling good. Until the agent, or publisher, or a reader gets to page three and finds the poopy diaper you didn’t see that all babies have.

Now What?

Getting a fresh pair of eyes to take a critical look at your baby is crucial to getting an agent or publisher, or to make sure your book sells if you self-publish. Even Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King have typos. No one writes a publishable first draft, not even the eighth time around, all on their own. I don’t care who they are or who their momma is. You can have all the college degrees in creative writing you want, but that doesn’t mean your story is ready. Learning the ins and outs and all the fancy rules doesn’t mean those degrees can write a great, attention getting and keeping, page turning, have them coming back for more story. A critique will show where the weak spots are like awkward phrasing, passive voice, plot holes, and point of view issues.

I have some helpful articles on a range of writing related topics. Click on a few and see if you find something you haven’t seen before.

Why You Should Use My Critique Service

I bet your family and friends are standing in line, fighting over who gets to read your story next. Not. Even if they are reading your work, just what do they say about it? “That’s nice, dear,” or my favorite, “I loved every word!” Their opinion is biased because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. And is that really helpful? No. All that praise just swells your head until you have to pin your ears back to get through the door of the publishing world. It feels good to hear praise, but it won’t increase your sales or get you an agent. I give honest, thorough critiques of your story that will help you become a better writer. I show you where the mistakes are and how to fix them. I tell you what is working and what isn’t.

Get Out of the Contract Free Card

Writing is subjective. You will never please everyone, but you can make a lot of people forget their troubles for a time with a well-written story. Still not sure you want to fork over your hard earned dollars to someone you don’t know? No problem. Send me $10 and the first 1,000 words of your story and I’ll critique it. If you like what you see, send the rest of the fee and the story so we can get down to the business of making your story sellable. If you feel I’m not the right fit for you, no harm no foul and no contract.

Don’t be this house.

building a house 3

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