Author Interview – E. D. Martin

41DvKFZ0VqL._UX250_First Monday of the month! Author interview time. My favorite day of the month. I have a really kick-butt author of contemporary literary women’s fiction, coming of age author. I love her stories because they are full of a healthy dose of real life. E.D. Martin is a wonderful writer and an amazing person. I met her on a writing site. She is rather shy and quiet, but always has great advice about the writing and publishing industry.

She doesn’t talk a lot, but when she does, you might want to listen.

Come and meet, E.D. Martin.

Hey, girl! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m eager to get into the interview, let’s get started.

What drew you to write in the lit fiction genre?

E.D.: As a teacher and social worker, I’ve always been drawn to the stories of the people around me. It’s not so much what they do, but how they react to events, how they events shape them, how they interact with people. Lit fiction gives me room to explore these interactions.

Tell us about your writing process, and the way you brainstorm literary fiction story ideas.

E.D.: Basically, I steal the stories my clients and students are living, with a few details from one and a few details from another. Then I add my perception of their motivation, let it ruminate for a couple years, and finally put it down on paper.

How interesting! That’s why your stories are so good. It’s the letting them marinate. What are you currently working on and what is it about?

E.D.: More like, what am I NOT currently working on? I have dozens of stories that I’ve started and haven’t gotten around to finishing yet. However, I have three main projects I’m currently working on. The first is a novel about a group of down-on-their-luck people taking on their neighborhood drug dealer. The second is a novella series of retold fairy tales without the magic. And the third is a short story collection about women who’ve decided to live on their own terms, despite what society expects of them.

I feel ya. I have two manuscripts I need to finish and a series. Instead, I’m having fun with you. Your projects sound cool! How often do you write, and do you have a special time during the day to write?

E.D.: I’m don’t write nearly as much as I’d like. I’m in grad school and work part-time, and unfortunately, writing takes a back burner to everything else. This year I’ve set myself the goal of writing 500 words per day, which is not happening so far. I’m most creative from about 10 pm to 2 am, so that’s generally when I write when I have the time.

It’s hard to find the time like we want. How are you publishing your writing and why?

E.D.: Currently, I have three means of publishing. My lit fiction novel and a collection of lit fiction stories are through a traditional publisher, since I knew it was a hard genre to promote and I figured I could use all the help I could get. I’ve also self-published some short stories on Amazon, and I’m currently publishing a bunch of stuff on Medium. I think readers generally trust buying from Amazon, plus it’s so easy to just click a button and have a book, while Medium gives some good visibility while paying me for short stories. It all comes down to a careful consideration of visibility, potential revenue, and whether I can effectively promote a work by myself. Therefore, it varies from story to story.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

E.D.: I like the validation I get from good reviews, but I think bad reviews can add legitimacy to a work. For example, if I see that every review someone has is 5 stars, I’m going to question how many of those reviews came from the author’s family and friends since not everyone likes everything. Overall, I hope for a 4 average – a 2 or 3 means that generally there’s something wrong either with your book or with the audience you’re marketing it to.

I’m a little suspicious of all 5-star reviews as well. No one can make everyone happy. Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?

E.D.: Set a budget you can afford, and then stick to it. Realize that marketing strategies and promos that work for one genre don’t necessarily work for yours, so always investigate a marketing strategy or promo for yourself rather than taking someone’s word for it. And finally, track your marketing attempts – source, length it ran, ROI, etc – so you don’t inadvertently find yourself losing money to the same strategies again and again.

What do you think of “trailers” for books, and will you create one for your work?

E.D.: I think trailers can be effective if done well and marketed to the right audience for your book. I would love to create them for my stuff, but since I have no visual arts skills, I’ll have to wait until I can work it into my budget.

I like them. Whether they work or not, I’ve already got my song picked out for each story. Don’t have them written yet, but they have a song. I’d like to ask a couple of personal questions. Where was your favorite reading spot as a child? Where is it now?

E.D.: When I was a kid, I loved to ride my bike to the nearby library, get a bookbag full of books, and then head over to the park across the street to read half of them. Now that I’m an adult, I’m still a fan of reading in parks. I’ll occasionally go to the park I went to as a kid and read in my car, but my favorite spots are several secluded spots by the Mississippi River that not many people seem to know about or go to.

One last question. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

E.D.: I want to visit the Kerguelen Islands, which is a tiny big island and lots of little islands 2000 miles from anywhere in the southern Indian Ocean. It’s beautiful and desolate and populated by feral cats. I would hike and kayak and play with the cats and avoid people – what’s not to love?

Thanks so much for dropping in and giving us a peek into your world. I had a blast!

Author Bio

E.D. Martin is a writer with a knack for finding new jobs in new places. Born and raised in Illinois, her past incarnations have included bookstore barista in Indiana, college student in southern France, statistician in North Carolina, economic development analyst in North Dakota, and high school teacher in Iowa. She draws on her experiences to tell the stories of those around her, with a generous heaping of “what if” thrown in. She currently lives in Illinois where she job hops while attending grad school and working on her novels.

To find out more about E. D. Martin, follower her website. Be sure to drop by her social media and friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and read some of her awesome short stories on Medium for free.


Book Review: Radio Nowhere by Lee Beard


After 99.9% of the earth’s population – and apparently, all the adults – dies in just under a month, the remaining teens and children are left confused, scattered, and dangerously unsupervised. A tech-savvy latchkey kid, an abused arsonist, and a girl who slept through the apocalypse must battle the elements, wild animals, and roving bands of feral children in order to reach their refuge. Deep in Oklahoma lies the small college town of Nowhere; there, a mysterious old man broadcasts to them via the college radio station, beckoning them to safety.

My Review: 4-stars

I thought Radio Nowhere by Lee Beard was a good read from the first paragraph until the last. I love love the hook! The first paragraph sucked me into the story, and I couldn’t put it down. The writing is good and strong, the characters are well-rounded and feel like real people, and Lee Beard does a great job building a dystopian world with a wonderful discriptive voice.

Radio Nowhere is aimed at young adults, but I enjoyed it as an adult. I caught myself coming back to read more after I put it down for bed. It has some violence and surprising sexy moments that I loved.

I want to give this book 5-stars but the formatting is not good, and I’m more of an “each book should be a stand-alone”. The ending leaves you hanging a little bit. I can see why authors do this so you will buy the next book, but for me – I want each to start and end as it’s own story. For this reason, I give 4-stars.

I highly recommend this book. You like dystopian apocalyptic stories? This is for you!

For more reviews on Radio Nowhere, head over to The Naked Reviewers.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Nowhere by Lee Beard”

  1.  I’m really loving this story.  It’s very captivating and I’m rating it higher than Sherry and Heather, and it’s just personal taste.  I read mine on my phone on a kindle app and actually downloaded it from Amazon on KDP.

    To me, the story moved me.  As a Pandemic unfolds, we follow different people and really get to know them.  Each one is touched differently by the events that are happening around them.

    Really loving this one.  I’m sure the author will fix any of those piddly formatting issues but it was very readable on my smartphone.

    The author wrote it in Omni and really pulled it off well.  It’s one of the best Omni pov that I’ve seen in a while. Very engaging, and the events had me sneaking peeks at the rest of the story during dinner… which got me dirty looks.

    Fast-paced, there is never a dull moment.  Truly one to finish on a rainy afternoon.

    Just loving it.


  2. I liked this one. I didn’t have the formatting issue that the other reviewer had. I love apocalypse stuff so this was perfect for me. And it kept my interest.


  3. Fast-paced read with great characters. I got very invested in these kids and was glad to learn the fate of some, but I want a sequel so I can find what happens to the rest of them.
    Contains some graphic violence and a few minor sexual references.

    Liked by you

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Facebook Takeover with Ophelia Bell


I’m so excited about this! I’ve wanted to be in one of Ophelia Bell’s Valentine’s Day takeovers for a very long time, and I’m in! If you’ve never been to a Facebook Takeover Event, you’re missing out on a ton of fun and some great prizes. Plus, you discover new authors, find great books to read and have fun interacting with everyone.

Join Us Here!

When Where and How

This event will take place all day on Valentine’s Day, in the Valentine Discovery event on Facebook, and all you do is play the games, answer a few fun questions, and have a blast.  Head on over to the link and click “going”. When the event starts, you will be automatically notified so you don’t miss out.

Prizes! There Will Be Prizes!

$10 gift card    voyeur_in_the_mist_sherry_terry lg

I’m giving away a copy of Voyeur in the Mist and a $10 Amazon gift card. All the authors are giving away books, swag, gift cards, and other amazing stuff. The event coordinator, Opehlia Bell is giving away a Kindle Fire.

Yes, you read that right. A brand-spanking new Kindle Fire will be given away. And all you have to do is come to the event and participate in the fun for a chance to win.

Click on the images for links!

Time Zones

All times I show here are Central Standard Time (CST). Here is a link to a great world time zone map so you can see what time for everything in any time zone. I’m in the Chicago time zone.

In the USA? Here is a US time zone map.

Great Line-Up of Authors

Since it’s Valentine’s day, the author line-up will be all romance and erotica and include sub-genres you’ve never even thought of. I’m going to share the authors, the times, and their social media so you can check everyone out and attend the ones you’re interested in or come for the whole day. I promise once you get there and start participating, you won’t leave. The day flies by, these are such a blast.

11:00am(CST) Nora Ash

NA - 3

12:00 (noon,CST) Godiva Glenn






1:00pm (CST) Pamela DuMond


2:00pm (CST) Claire Davon






3:00pm (CST) Zenobia Neil






4:00pm (CST) Adrianne Kane

5:00pm CST) Kathy O’Rourke






6:00pm (CST) Carolyn Anthony






7:00pm (CST) Pascale Kavanagh






8:00pm (CST) Saharra Sandhu








9:00pm (CST) Sherry Terry  This is me!






9:30pm (CST) RA Winter






10:00pm (CST) Ophelia Bell

FB VDay Intro Image-Ophelia

Hope to see you there!

Author Interview – Alexandro Chen

15895882_10212044488892767_8711452962483954688_oWhen I put out the call to authors for interviews, Alex answered. I was very impressed with his writing and presence in the writing community, so that meant I had to have him for an interview. He is a very active member of Medium and publishes there frequently. His stories are amazing.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Alexandro Chen.

Welcome to my little blog, Alex. Let’s get right to the interview. Is being a literary fiction writer a gift or a curse?

I think being a writer—regardless of the genre—is a curse. Or a disease. You’re walking on the street, taking a shower, or talking to a friend and an idea suddenly infects you. Once in your mind, you can’t remove it from there. Well, there’s only one way: to turn that idea into a story. Only then the virus will leave you to colonize its next host. Your reader.

I love how you look at writing! I think you have a gift, no matter how you see it. Why did you choose to write literary fiction?

Actually, I call my genre “literary fiction” just to have something to use on website’s forms, tags, and categories. Truth be told, I have no idea what my genre is, nor I’m trying to write in a particular one. My motto is: if a story idea fits a genre, I don’t write it. Because if you want to create something truly original you have to be willing to sacrifice the safety of belonging to a group.

Do you have any tips on what to do and what not to do when writing?

Don’t try to find the perfect plot, scene, or even sentence. Just write your stuff. If it’s good, pat yourself on the back. If it isn’t, tell yourself, “Okay, what I wrote is crap, but I’ll make it better tomorrow.” Then repeat and repeat. Without realizing it, you’ll reach perfection. (And it doesn’t matter if you don’t; you still have more tomorrows to get closer to it.)

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched?

I needed to write a suicide letter in a story. So I went on Google and read around four suicide letters to check the wording, formatting, etc. Not weird, but made me feel weird.

Research can take us to some strange places. I once had to research spanking for this one character I have. So, where do you see publishing going in the future?

There’s going to be more and more self-published authors because it’s so easy to publish these days. With a single click, your work can become available to the masses in less than a second. Compare that with sending query letters to hundreds of agents and waiting for months or even a year for a reply. Nowadays, you can even build a fanbase with online publishing platforms like Medium or social media sites likes Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Do you proofread/edit all your own books before you submit them for traditional publishing or self-publish them, or do you have someone who does it?

To edit/proofread my writing, I use Scribophile, a website where writers edit each other’s writing. I think having six or more writers check your work is as good—if not better—as hiring one professional editor. Plus you remove the bias barrier.

I agree. Having several pairs of eyes can be better than one. How about a couple of questions about marketing. Are there any amusing stories about marketing books that happened to you?

The most amusing story about marketing I have is not doing any marketing at all. That happened when I posted my short story, Season to Love, on the Medium platform. I did nothing. I just wrote the best story I could, and the site delivered it to the right readers.

Do you think that giving books away free works and why?

I’m not sure about books, but you definitely should give your short stories away for free. It not only helps you to create a fan base, but it also gives you feedback that you can use in your future work. As for me, sharing my work always “works” as long as it touches at least one person. Because I didn’t start writing to earn money—if I ever do, though, it would be just a side effect of my passion (I mean, of my artistic disease).

And now a couple of personal questions. What do you want your tombstone to say?

“There’s no Heaven or Hell. I knew it!”

Who was your childhood hero?

I don’t have childhood hero, but I have an adulthood hero. George Carlin. He was a comedian who went on the stage once and greeted the audience with: “Why is it that most of the people who are against abortion are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place?” He symbolizes everything that I don’t dare to do. Also, he taught me not to write to give value to people but to make them question their values. Not to write to let them escape reality but to remind them of which one they are. Not to write to tell them something about myself but to help them rediscover something about themselves.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I had a blast!

Author Bio:

Alexandro Chen was born and raised in Chile and moved to Taiwan in 2006 to study Foreign Languages and Literature. During this period, he taught English at a cram school. He currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he writes stories featuring unconventional romance, everyday magic, and gloomy topics with a glint of hope. In 2015, he self-published his first novel Animal Suicide. Since 2017, he has been publishing his short stories on Medium.

Alex has been spotted hanging around Goodreads, and you can friend him on Facebook to keep up with what he’s up to. Be sure to follow him on Medium for all of his latest short stories.

Book Review: Epoch Earth: The Great Glitch by Toasha Jiordano



I was thirteen the first time I watched someone glitch out and die. Things went downhill from there.
Forcibly chipped by the Sister Nations. Then forcibly un-chipped.
For those who didn’t comply, The Great Glitch was swift justice.
I’m Synta, one of those Children of the Resistance, and by Stone I’m gonna get us off this planet!


My Review: 4.8-Stars


Epoch Earth: The Great Glitch by Toasha Jiordano is a fantastic read. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I love the cover. It is full of vibrant colors and futuristic, Sci-fyish images that let me know I’m going to get a story along those lines, and it delivered.

The characters are good, maybe a touch more emotion by using the 5 senses would be a nice addition, but other than that I liked them. I enjoyed reading the friendship between the main character, Synta and her best friend Howie. Synta has a lot put on her shoulders at a young age, and she handles it well with a strong backbone.

The best thing about Epoch Earth: The Great Glitch is the description. Toasha does an awesome job of planting you firmly into the middle of the action. Her descriptive powers are worth studying, in my opinion. The opening scene is a great example of how to show the action with great description. I’m jealous.

I want to give this book 5-stars, but it does have a couple of “glitches”. While I thought the author did a wonderful job of switching from 1st person to 3rd person POV, I did find it a bit jarring when she used 2nd person POV and talked directly to the reader. I was a tad confused the first few times she jumped in time, but once I got the hang of what the author was doing, I liked it. The only thing I did not like about the story was the formatting the author used for when the characters chip with each other. My personal feeling is to put that “dialog” in italics instead of using the slashes. None of this takes away from the story.

Dystopian is not my go-to genre, but I’m so glad Toasha Jiordano submitted Epoch Earth: The Great Glitch to The Naked Reviewers. What surprisingly wonderful read!

I highly recommend this book to everyone, young and old alike. If you’re not reading it, you’re missing out.

For more reviews, head on over to The Naked Reviewers.

Book Review: Hypatia of Alexandria by Laurel A. Rockefeller

51ZfcEQkyiL._SY346_As the western world fell into darkness, she dared defend the light.

Born in 355 CE in the aftermath of Constantine’s reign, Hypatia of Alexandria lived in a collapsing Roman Empire, a world where obedience to religious authorities trumped science, where reason and logic threatened the new world order. It was a world on the edge of the Dark Ages, a world deciding the question of science verses religion, freedom verses orthodoxy, tolerance verses hate.

For over 40 years, Hypatia stood between the dark ages and the light of classical philosophy, arts, and sciences. Though none of her books survived the aggressive book burnings of religious zealots, her legacy remains that of one of the greatest scientists of all time.

My Review: 4-Stars

I have mixed feelings about Hypatia of Alexandria. On the one hand, there is great value in this book in a teaching capacity as a supplement to other research material. This is a work of narrative history, and Laurel Rockerfeller is extremely well versed in the era in all aspects and has done a splendid job of adding the research into the story. Although I think the cover does a good job of showing what the book is about, I think it could use a little more of a professional touch.

Here comes the hard part for any reviewer. On the other hand, this book gets 4-stars from me because I feel it needs a good edit. There are punctuation problems, spelling errors, and formatting issues, however, these do not take away from the experience of reading the book. I learned a lot of new things about the era, the stars, and the players of the time. It jumped around too abruptly for my tastes, but overall the book is worth reading.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about Hypatia’s life and the times in which she lived.

For more reviews on Hypatia of Alexandria head on over to The Naked Reviewers.

Book Review: Rob’s Rebellion: Novels of Aleyne by Margaret Fieland



Colonel Rob Walker always does his duty, even when it means risking shaky relationship with his family. When he’s ordered to bring the treaty negotiations between the Terran Federation and the Aleyni to a successful conclusion, he’s determined to do just that, even when both sides would rather he fail. How can Rob pull off a miracle and avoid a war, one where both sides could be destroyed?

My Review: 4.6-Stars

I enjoyed reading Rob’s Rebellion, however, I am not a fan of the cover. I do not think it says anything about the story and does not speak of Sci-fi. Overall, this is a good intriguing story with espionage and lots of good world-building. I think the characters are well-rounded, and I especially like Rob, the main character.

Margaret did a fantastic job bringing Rob to life with some well-done realism. I could picture his house and family life, the chaos and togetherness of seven people in a three-bedroom house on a planet where no one wants them.

The writing is well-done, the characters will draw you into their story, and I liked Margaret’s style.  The story is full of political intrigue with good twists and turns.

I thought the beginning was a little back-story heavy but after that, the story took off. While I understand why the author used the keyword tags, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender, I do not think she needs them. Although there are a couple of “sex scenes” with M/M, M/M/F/F, threesomes and foursomes towards the end, they are either referred to, fade to black, or about three sentences long with no graphic language. This is not a romance book. This is not an erotica book. Don’t let those tags scare you off from reading a great Sci-fi book.

I recommend Rob’s Rebellion: Novels of Aleyne to everyone who likes Sci-fi and anyone who likes to read books in general. You will be surprised by this book.

For more reviews on Rob’s Rebellion: Novels of Aleyne by Margaret Fieland, head on over to The Naked Reviewers.

Book Review: August Nights by Bree M. Lewandowski

51A4+SkEGlL._UY250_Kane Sah lives his life in a straight line. Years ago, personal tragedy dropped a little girl into his world who needed him above everything else. A military career crushed because of her, he fell back on years of dance training and opened a ballroom studio. But between his business and little Kelsey, there’s no room in his days for a detour.
Until one night, a pair of brown eyes makes him look left…
Willa is everyone’s favorite bartender at Nero Nites. But lately, life behind the bar at the nightclub has been bland as day-old pilsner. That is, until a chance dance lesson in the arms of a man with a voice like a summer storm bursts open her world with music and sensuality.
But responsibilities don’t stop for infatuation. And memories of growing up in a mud-puddle-nothing town get in the way.
Can the melody and rhythm of love drown out the doubts?
A love story novella about taking chances for the heart.
A romance that glows under August Nights.

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Book Review: Rebecca Steel Chasing a Dream by Joanna Patterson

51Ux42+mIML._SY346_On vacation from her job as an airline ticket agent, Becky and her friend happen upon a big air show in Miami. What transpires that day will change her life in ways she could not have imagined. While falling hopelessly in love, an ironic twist of fate brings her the relationship that she has been searching for. In the process she learns to overcome the heart-wrenching obstacles in her path, create a new career and develop new insights. She emerges stronger and more vibrant than ever. Find out how Becky transforms her heartbreak into a new life that is positive and uplifting.

Becky’s story will give you hope for new life and new love. Journey with her now, as she inspires you to hold fast to your dreams and to always keep your heart open to the power of love.
Sometimes no matter how hard we search for it, love in the end, finds us.

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Author Interview – N.T. Franklin

First Monday of the month, yay! Author interview time! This month, I’d like to introduce you to N.T. Franklin. He writes after his real job hoping one day to have it be his real job. When he’s not reading or writing short stories, you might find him fishing or solving crossword puzzles.

I met N.T. in a writing group, and he always has some great advice.

Please allow me to introduce you to N.T. Franklin.

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