Building Your Site

Creating Sites/Blogs

Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t let creating your own blog or website scare you off from having one. I can quickly set up a basic site and tailor it to your needs. Along the way, I give step-by-step instructions so you can operate it yourself once it’s all set up.

I like to work with WordPress. I’m partial to it, I understand it, and I find it pretty easy to navigate. At WordPress, you can have your own site for free and enjoy it for many years without paying anything. They offer premium accounts with benefits, but unless you’re a cooperation with several employees, you don’t have to spend money to get started. A free account will give you tons of options and gizmos and gadgets.

Basic set up – $60

Set up and content – starting at $100 prices will vary depending on

  • What and how much content you want. I’ll research anything. Almost. This takes time.
  • If I provide pictures. I must make sure to follow licensing laws and be careful where I get them from.

The first thing you could do is pick out a theme. Search around, click on the ones that interest you and see how they look. From there, I can add whatever you want that comes with the theme so you can personalize it and make it yours. This only takes a couple of hours once I have all your information.*

Go take a look at WordPress themes and pick three that interest you. Then fill out the form below.

I will respond back to start a dialog about what you want within 24 hours. It’s a simple as that.

Something to Keep in Mind

While you’re looking at themes, be thinking about your domain name. This is something you will “rent”. For example, my domain name is I pay $15.99 a year so that no one else can use it. Verysherryterry is my brand.

You can name your site anything you want. Your name, your brand, after a flower… If you want to be the only one to use it, then you need to “rent” it. I bought my domain name from

What happens if you don’t renew the domain name?

If I don’t renew my domain name when it comes up next month, will become an error page and after some time (I don’t know how long) it is sold to someone else, usually becoming a porn site. So. If you buy a domain name, you’ll want to keep up with your “rent”.

I don’t lose my site. It’s still there. You just can’t use to get there. People will have to manually make it

WordPress allows you to buy a domain name and link it here, but that will cost you something like $2.99 a month for a personal plan. This means the difference between your URL being like: and

If you buy a domain name, then people just have to remember (example):

This isn’t a big issue in the larger picture.

* Times will vary on how much “stuff” you want. A basic set up with three or four menu items, such as Home, About Us, Blog, FAQ… only takes a couple of hours or so.