As Cocky As They Come

This is a multigenre anthology, featuring 10 authors with great stories. With fantasy, humor, romance, erotica, and vampires – you’re sure to read one you love.

In no particular order, here are all the authors who contributed to the anthology.

C. Alex, Ravyn Crescent, Shenelle Gold, F.C. Howlett, Lucee Joie, Rachelle C. Kohl, Erin Navan, Ian D. Smith, Sherry Terry, and Octavia Zane

My story, The Cocky Stranger is an erotica.

As Cocky As They Come

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Get a little cocky and have a lot of fun with this anthology of stories ranging from humorous to erotic!
Discover new authors that you’ll love adding to your favorites list.

Featuring a special submission by Reginald Fowl!






Reviews for As Cocky As They Come:

5-Stars! Sweet, spicey, funny and best of all, cocky!

This anthology has something for everyone, from romance to erotica to fantasy to vampires to barnyard animals and more. A fun and sexy romp packed with a huge dash of attitude!