Someone Besides Me Likes My Writing

At least one other person thinks my writing is good enough to publish. I knew it!

My story, The Cocky Stranger was chosen to be a part of an anthology. The publisher of As Cocky As They Come felt my story was a good fit. As part of the #cockygate blowup a few weeks ago, Erin Navan put out the call to action and ten authors answered with stories. Well, I’m sure more answered the call, but only ten of us are good enough to make it.

Never heard of #cockygate? I’ll boil it all down to the highlights.

A romance author submitted and was granted a trademark for the word cocky used in a title of a series. Getting a trademark on such a popular word in the romance genre was a little cheesy, but probably would have gone unnoticed until the author sent out cease and desist letters to authors who had the word cocky in the title of their book.

She insisted these authors who had published a title with the word cocky in it before she got the trademark re-title their story and change the cover or she would sue them. The indie publishing community got wind of this and social media blew up with #cockygate.

Lawyers got involved, the RWA got involved, Amazon pulled books and reviews if they had the word cocky in them, and the author who started it all blamed her readers for not being smart enough to know if they were buying one of her books or someone else’s.

Then she sued some people, and a court date was had in which basically she didn’t get what she wanted and a few weeks later she pretty much dropped the whole thing and rescinded the trademark.

My story is called The Cocky Stranger. Where Sharon isn’t sure she can move on once the divorce papers are signed until the cocky stranger with an umbrella saves her.

Click on cover for the direct link:

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